Just like the filter function in Excel, you can advantageously use the “Search, Slice & Filter” function in Inact Now. It operates in the same way and will provide you with a better and more precise overview of what you need.

You can choose to use the search field on the right, filtering options fixed by an administrator, or add a filter using the green plus.

Examples of searches:

  • ID for customer, supplier, or item number.
  • Group, for example, customer, supplier, or item group.
  • Responsible party, salesperson, purchaser, or category manager.

Søgning Reports

Regardless of which view you are in, you can always use the search and filter function:


  • See how the item numbers for a supplier are distributed in the Matrix view.
  • Track the development of your KPIs per customer or supplier in the Trend view.
  • View the list of customers for a specific salesperson under the Grid view.

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