Edit mode in Master data

As an admin you can customize your Master Data, Master Data is the complete overview of your product, customer or supplier. You can access this view with just one click in your Inact Now and it contains four views: Info, Profit, Transaction and All data. To change the layout, press the “Edit mode” button in the top right corner.

You can find it here:

Master Data Editmode

Customize your Info view

To optimize your info view, you can now modify this view so that the data you want appears when you click on the product, customer or supplier you want to see. This involves changing the following:

1. The title at the top after the ID.

Here it usually makes the most sense to have the name of what you are viewing.

This is done by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top and then choosing what to put after what is already there, which could be an ID.

2. The values of the graph.

Here you can choose what the graph shows and how it should be presented. (as a bar or line chart)

This can be changed by clicking on the green crosses to the right of the graph. Here you will see a dropdown menu with column headings that you have available and that can be displayed in the graph, select the one you want to be displayed as default and it will be saved here when you exit “Edit mode”. (You can have a maximum of six infoboxes)

3. Additional columns.

The columns that you find below the graph and that are permanently displayed in your view.

Click the “+ Add Additional Column” dropdown and select which columns to show.

See it here:

Editmode Master Data Example

Note: The setting when you press save becomes the default view for the entire bucket in question.

Customizing transactions

It is possible to customize your transaction view.
NB: This is not saved with “Edit mode” and therefore needs to be set up whenever you want to view it.

Customize the All-data view

The All data view is where you can view all the data available for the product, customer or supplier you want to see. You can customize this view so that you and your other Inact users see what is important to you.

This is done by going into “Edit mode” where all headings become boxes that can be dragged from “hidden” to “Shown” and moved around in order.

These items can also be sorted alphabetically on the button, The button sets the view to default.

See it here:

All Data edit mode

contact support@inact.io If you need support with the setup.

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