New identity on ABC Cloud

We are putting ABC Cloud in the grave and will henceforth be called Inact Now. New colours, fonts and look and feelings.

  • New font family: Poppins
  • Headings for “font-weight: 800;”

The slicer function can compare values in 2 columns

so you can compare to a fixed value on another column.

Filtering on “between”


Between = A < Value < B
Not Between = !(A < Value < B)

A and B will therefore not be in between but will be in Not Between.

A sort “Between” 1 and 5 must give the values 2, 3 and 4. If we are talking about whole numbers, the velog mark.
While a sort “Not-between” 1 and 5 must contain all numbers except 2, 3 and 4. (so 1 and 5 included)

Extend trend view to 2-3 years

At the same time, the Trend-view design has been changed

Extend the horizon of the Trend view to 2-3 years

Changes the design of Trend View.

If a dead goods column is created, this must be included in the fixed items

Dashboard filters in Info

We have included the filters in the “i”s when in a Filter report.

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