New Features and Improvements in Inact Now

We are excited to present the latest updates to further enhance your experience! Here’s what’s new in the 4th release of the year 2024:

  • Label Names in Insights Menu: We have added labels to the Insight menus to make navigation and understanding your insights easier.
  • Filtering View for Rows: Now you can easily see the filters on the rows you have created in the Dashboard Creator, providing you with a better understanding of your data and a more intuitive workflow.
  • Identification of Empty Periods: If you’ve encountered our new feature about more than 12 months of data, the fields for 24 and 36 months will be greyed out and inactive.
  • Cache Across Buckets for performance Tuning: We have implemented “cache” across buckets to improve performance and provide a smoother user experience.
  • Memory of Slicer Status: Now your browser remembers whether the slicer has been opened or closed locally, making it easier.
  • Notification Menu after Download: After downloading data to Excel or CSV, the notification menu now automatically opens to give you instant access to your downloads.
  • Select All Button in Report Overview: It is now possible to select all in the Report Overview with just one tap, making it easier to manage your reports.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features and improvements, and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback so we can continue to enhance your experience. Thank you for being so supportive!

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