Switching Between KPIs in Diff View

You can now easily switch between KPIs in the Difference view. Using a dropdown menu, you can select which of the four KPIs you want to see in the Difference view.

Only Selected IDs Included in Download

When you select rows (IDs) in a report or a CL and then click Download, only the selected rows will be included in the download. We have also added a count in parentheses on the download/Copy button.

Add “Download all” to the Difference View

We have added a “Download all” button to the Difference view in the Trend View. Now you can easily export all differences to Excel directly from Diff View.

Issues with the Error Messages

We are aware that error messages sometimes provide insufficient information about what is wrong. This can be very frustrating for users like Daniel, who manages many users and reports.

Rounding Errors in Actions fixed

We have fixed an error where the overview showed “100% done” even though some items were still missing to reach 100%. Now, a completed Actionlist will show Done instead of “100%”.

Copy to Clipboard in Master Data “Trend”

We have added a “Copy to Clipboard” button to retrieve Master data figures from a specific Item. This lets you directly copy the ID name, column name, months, and values to the Clipboard.


We hope these updates will enhance your user experience and contribute to more efficient use of our platform. Thank you for your patience and feedback, which help us improve our product.

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