Insights + Actions

Continuing our rebranding, our focus on Insights and Actions has moved into Inact Now. That’s why Reports has changed its name to Insights – now it’s not just about data visualization, but about getting valuable insights from your data. This is a step toward more insight and value in your data.

Likewise, Checklists become Actions. There is a focus on dynamic actions that drive your productivity forward. Do more with your tasks by turning your Actions into concrete steps towards your goals.

NB: You will find the same content in Insights and Actions as you used to find in your Reports and Checklists.

Open your Insights in a new tab in your browser

To optimize your workflow in the Insights overview, we have added the option to open Insights in a new tab in your browser. This makes it easier to keep an overview of your data and results.

You open another tab by pressing the Insight you want to see while holding down Ctrl. button inside. (“Command” on Mac) You can also right-click and select “open in new tab).

Performance improvements

We’ve improved system performance so you can experience faster loading, providing a more efficient workflow. You can now access your Insights and Actions faster and more smoothly than usual.

Center KPIs when there are fewer than four
“Show 0” bug fixed
A new look in the Master data view

We have changed the titles inside your Master Data. What used to be called “Info” which shows the Trend graph on the individual item, is now called Trend. What used to be called “All Data” and shows info on the individual item is now called Info.

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