Inact Now

Download to Excel/CSV in Actions

You can now easily download your Actions as Excel or CSV files directly from the platform. This makes it easier to analyze and share your data.

Dashboard Title on Your Home

Dashboards now display their titles directly on your homepage, making identifying and navigating to the desired dashboard easier.

Categorization Colors in Actions

Actions now include categorization colours in your grid, making it easier to visually distinguish between different types of tasks.

Search in Insights

We have improved the search function in Insights, allowing you to quickly find necessary data and reports.

Select All Columns in Difference View

You can now select all columns in the Difference view, enhancing your flexibility and analysis capabilities.

Total/Sum at the Bottom of Action Lists

Action lists now display total and sum values at the bottom, providing a quick overview of aggregated data in your Actions.

Inact Now Admin Panel

“Exit without Saving” Even Though I Haven’t Made Any Changes

We have fixed an issue where “Exit without saving” was displayed even when no changes had been made to user settings.

New User + “Never Logged In” User Indicators

We have added indicators for new users and users who have never logged in, making it easier to track user activity.

Add “Location” to Admin Panel

Locations can now be added and managed directly in the Admin Panel, improving user administration, especially for larger solutions.

Admin Panel – Copy to Clipboard

We have added a feature to copy information for all users in the Admin Panel directly to the Clipboard.

“Last Login” Shows “X Days Ago”

Users’ last login is now displayed as “X days ago,” providing a clear overview of user activity.

Fixed Admin Panel Search Field Reset Issue

We have resolved an issue where the search field in the Admin Panel would reset itself when changes were made to user settings.

Admin Panel – Add “Reporting Service” User to Roles

It is now possible to assign the “Reporting Service” role to various users directly in the Admin Panel.

We hope these updates will enhance your experience with Inact Now and the Admin Panel. Thank you for your feedback and support!

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