Version 17.1.0 – released Thursday, February 15, 2024

We are very pleased that we can show you the small new features we have made here in the wake of our new identity. These are not big features, but we think they are important.


Save-button for Targets

Where: Dashboard Creator
What: Target setup has been given a help button that you can press to “save” your target, you can still press away as you have done so far.
Result: People get the opportunity to “actively” save their target value, which gives them peace of mind.

Targets in Dashboard Creator improved

Where: Dashboard Creator
What: You can set the target both in the table and the Dashboard (Widget setup), so it will be the same target that you see in both places. So it is what is set last that applies “in both places”.
Result: Targets can be set in both views and will be consistent.

Labels in the Trend view are back

Where: Trend view
What: We’ve got KPI labels back in the new Trendview.
Result: It is clear which numbers are being looked at in the Trendview table.

Last activity in Checklist overview

Where: Checklist overview
Result: The last activity column is now NOT affected by the fact that the checklist is updated, which most Checklist is daily.

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