Click on Actions in the menu to get an overview of action areas and progress.

The overview shows you your organization’s Actions. At the top, you can filter the Actions according to who the Action has been assigned to or who the Actions are made by. On the right, you will find a search field.

See it here:

Checklist Overblik

Below the filter you will find the table showing all Actions in the column containing the Actions:

  • Name
  • Action Status
  • Date of last activity
  • Who the Actions has been assigned to
  • Who the Actions is made by
  • A field describing when the data was updated

Tap on the Action name or status to view the Actions.

Edit your Actions

On the far right you will find a dropdown menu that looks like this:

Checklist Dropdown

Here you can:

  • Assign: Assign the Actions to a person in your organization.
  • Edit: Change the name, filters and limit for the Actions.
  • Change author: Make someone else the owner of the Actions.
  • Change Layout: Here you change the layout of the Actions. (read more here)
  • Copy this Actions: Copy the Actions.
  • Delete: Deletes the Actions.

You can change several at once. Tap the box next to the Actions name to select which checklist you want to change.

Once you have selected your Actions, you can:

  • Assign multiple Actions to one person
  • Change the layout of multiple Actions
  • Change the author on multiple Actions
  • Delete multiple Actions

See how here:

Multi-select Checklist overblik

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