You can create your list of Actions via a Insights in inact Now.

To create an Action from scratch, start with the Insights you want to base your Actions on. The most important thing is to choose the Insight based on the Data Source you want in your Actions.

Once you have decided which data you want to see in the Actions, you can choose to Slice/filter to the items you want alerts on. You will find the slicer function in the setup bar at the top.


CC item for a specific buyer.

Step 1:

Slice/filter the desired items. In this example, this is done via the fixed slicers in the slicer menu at the top of your Insights. In this example, CC items from buyer 1000 are selected and the result is five item numbers, see it here:

Checklist Eksempel1

Step 2:

Once the desired items have been sliced/filtered, press the button where you then give the Actions a name.

NB: If you do not want to create a limited Action (e.g. top 50), do not click the limit checkbox.

Checklist eksempel 2

You can also choose to create an Action by “dotting” items in a Insight using Ctrl + select.

Prik Checklists

NB: Actions are by default made to be automatically updated, if you have an Actions that is not automatically updated, please contact your Admin or

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