Actions are the required action items you can select when working with a Checklist.

Actions depend on the purpose of the Checklist and the work task.

If you need to change your actions in a Checklist or the columns that the Checklist contains, you can easily and quickly change this by using the plus or edit button to the right of the categories.

See how below.

You can also add Categories inside the Category editor

See how here:

Change Action Checklist

You can also distinguish between finished and unfinished categories.

If you select a category to be “Not Complete”, it will still count towards the overall “To do” number that you can see from your front page or next to the Checklist title.

You can toggle a category up or down from Complete to Not Complete using the arrows in the settings.

See how below.

Complete:NotComplete CL

Below you can see some examples of Checklists and actions.

A Checklist with focus on overstock:

excess inv value Top 50

A Checklist with item numbers that do not comply with the Service Level Agreement:

Service level deviation

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