You can access 5 menu items in ABC Cloud.

See screenshots of the 5 menu items below:

  • Home
  • Insights
  • Actions
  • Dashboard
  • Download

Note: Some users only have access to the Home menu item. If you want access to all menu items, ask your administrator to enable it.

5 menus

1. Home

The front page gives you insight into your KPIs and where you can improve them.

  • Dashboard shows your most important KPIs.
  • Insights is an analysis of your KPIs.
  • Actions is a to-do list of items you should focus on to improve your KPIs.

Here is an example of a front page in Inact Now.

Home page

2. Insights

Insights give you an overview of all the Insights you have access to. If you have “Insights Admin” permission, you can group your Insights into groups that make sense for your organization.

From this view, you can also edit a single or multiple Insights at once. You can edit the following:

  • Edit Insights – Shortcut to the Insights settings (*)
  • Move to Group – Which group the Insight is placed in.
  • Change Owner – Who owns the Insights.
  • Make private – Make the Insight private. (*)
  • Copy Insights – Make a copy of the Insight. (*)
  • Delete – Deletes the Insight.

(*Cannot be done on more than one at a time)

As an Insight Admin, you will at the bottom have access to all Private Insights you have access to in Access Control. This allows you to make private Insights available to others in your organization or edit/delete/copy other people’s private Insights.

To change, delete or create groups, click Edit mode in the right corner.

When you do this, you will enter “Edit mode” and the changes you make here will be permanent and consistent throughout your organization.

3. Actions

Actions provide an overview of action items and progress. If you are not an Actions Admin, you will not have this and will only be able to access your Actions (those assigned to you) from your Homepage. The overview looks like this:

As Action Admin you will be able to access all Actions, at the top there will be a filter that can help you filter all the Actions in your organization.

Below the filter you will find the Table showing all Actions, the column contains the Actions:

  • Name
  • Action Status
  • Date of last activity
  • Who the Action has been assigned to
  • Who the Action is made by
  • And a field describing when the data was updated

Tap on the Action name or status to view the Action.

From this overview, you have the option to change the following:

  • Assign: Assign an Action to another person in your organization.
  • Edit: Change the name, limit and slicer that the Action is based on.
  • Change author: Change the Author of the Action, this can be beneficial as this person can be the owner of the Action.
  • Change Layout: Change the predefined layout of the Action, default layout is “To do” and “Done”. (Contact your if you need help with this.)
  • Copy This Action: Make a copy of the Action, this can be useful if you want to make an Action with the same Data Source but based on a different Slice/Filter.
  • Delete: Delete your Action.

You will find these options in the dropdown menu on the right, which looks like this:

4. Dashboards

Under the Dashboards menu item you will find all your company’s Dashboards.

You can select a Dashboard and add it to your own personalized front page.

If you are a Dashboard Administrator, you will be able to change Dashboards at this link.

The Dashboard overview looks like this:

5. Download

Inact Now processes your ERP data and enriches it with information and analysis.

With Download, you can download your data to your PC and continue working with the analysis in ABC Analyzer or Excel.

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